Monday, August 17, 2009

Emily & Tim-Backyard "Beach" Wedding May 2009

Emily & Tim wanted an intimate and fun atmosphere for their wedding day. On a tight budget, Tim's parent's backyard became the perfect venue. It was transformed into a tropical paradise by bringing in sand, umbrellas and imported flowers from Hawaii.

All photos courtesy of Brian Basche

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Sue said...

Was this held just outside the house of the couple? That's really nice. I'm helping my brother with his wedding this coming January, and we've already contacted an event planner. We're thinking of doing it in California. Sonoma canopy services are offering good choices for the event. They got these amazing packages. Thank heavens tent rentals (Bay Area) are almost everywhere in Cali. We don't need to worry about keeping the guests sheltered for the occasion. On the second thought, I guess backyard "beach" wedding isn't that bad.