Monday, March 28, 2011

Pagagon Athletics! The Best Workout Ever!

I have done many workouts in my life, but never like this one. Ryan Whited of Paragon Athletics, well he is amazing! Let me start by saying I injured my shoulder a few years ago and didn't get it properly taken care of and it became frozen. I went through physical therapy and massage and nothing really seemed to alleviate the pain, and my shoulder and arm were beginning to atrophy. Not to mention I was not great shape. I began working out with Ryan in August of 2010, it is the best workout I have ever done! I am stronger, I feel better, I look better and as long as I keep working out my shoulder does not hurt. And a major plus, I lost 30 pounds and went from a size 10 to a 5.

The workout is unique and tailored to each individual/group. It is challenging and fun! It is never the same and I actually look forward to my workouts as well as miss them when I don't get to go (which is rare, sick or out of town are the only two reasons for missing).

Why am I telling you all about this, well I have seen brides go to extreme measures to be fit for the most important day of their lives, and this really works! So if you have a couple of girl friends and can start a group of 5 it is only $15 per session, per person! Check out his website for more information and schedules! Don't let the photographs intimidate you, if I can do this work out, ANYONE can! Paragon Athletics


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